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This worldwide organization is working to preserve and make available for genealogical research the family records of Seeley ancestors going back to Captain Robert Seeley who immigrated to America from England in 1630, and Obadiah Seeley who appeared in the records of Stamford, CT in the 1640s. We also welcome members of other Seeley lines (of all spellings). We encourage and assist in the study of family histories of other Seeley lines of all similar spellings and pronunciations and are building a central repository of Seeley family records.

The Seeley Genealogical Society was founded by Garner Osborn about 1961

Have you made arrangements for the preservation of your family research records and papers? If no one in your family is interested, please consider sending your research records to the Research Center, care of SGS Librarian, Pamela D. Turner, 1935 Okeechobee Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80915-1743. Unless you have already done so, please consider sending your ancestor line to Chris Havnar, 625 Canyon Drive, Pacifica, CA 94044. Chris will add your information to the SGS Ancestor File Index. Then she will forward your information to the Seelye Research Center in Abilene. Do not waste your valuable years of research by having your family toss your papers in the trash. Tell your family of your wishes, even put it in writing. Secondly, let the Seeley Genealogical Society know of your plans. Placing your papers in the Seelye Research Center will make them available to Seeley researchers for generations to come.

This website became operational May 11th 2004. - We fuss with the site weekly/daily so if you happen to find something that appears out of place, please don't be bashfull, send us a note at 4webmaster [at] seeley-society [dot] net

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